Save Time and Money on Set
and in Post Production

Preview, back up, ingest, log metadata, convert, trim, rename and organize material from all cameras (DSLRs, drones, GoPro, RED, Panasonic P2, MXF and more). Manage content on SD cards, internal & removable drives or in a team on shared storage.

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Simple enough to use for directors and production assistants, powerful & flexible enough for seasoned DOPs, DITs and editors. Integrated with Final Cut Pro®¹⁾, Premiere Pro®²⁾ and Davinci Resolve®³⁾. Used by TV, YouTube, cinema, documentary and corporate video professionals all over the world.

  • “Kyno is the most full-featured media management system I’ve ever seen.”
    Larry Jordan
  • Software product of the year 2016.
  • “An easy to use interface, that has a lot of power under the hood.”
  • “A really good piece of software that I recommend.”
    Philip Bloom
  • “Kyno organizes all of your footage in an intuitive fashion.”
    No Film School
  • “A Swiss army knife of video handling.”
    RedShark News

Smooth Video Workflows for Individuals & Teams

Save Time in Production

Preview, check and organize your shots from all your cameras quickly on set or in post even in a team.

Convert videos to editing or playout formats.

“Being able to easily view all my media and clips in one place, in whatever order I want, is a huge timesaver!”
Matthew Allard

Get Control Over Your Media

Quickly find, organize, log and tag media files on your offloading, archive or shared drives (NAS/SAN). Great for team collaboration.

Select and export subclips from long takes from drones or action cameras.

"Preparing material in Kyno and sending it directly to Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro or share with collaborators has really changed the way we work."
Simon Ubsdell
Tokyo Productions

Quick to Learn, Simple to Use

Use instantly without training or studying documentation.

Discover the powerful tools as you use Kyno's intuitive file browser & player interface.

“It’s great software - solving a bunch of logging, simple transcoding issues for a group of editorial staff with limited technical skill. Well done!”
Michael Cox
ABC Australia
  • Efficient media browser

  • Pro-grade performance optimized video player

  • Media management & metadata editing

  • Powerful conversion, trancoding & rewrapping engine

  • Wide format support incl. HEVC, MXF, P2 and many more

  • Apply camera & creative LUTs in player and during conversion

Integrated with the Tools You Love

Final Cut Pro®¹⁾

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Premiere Pro®²⁾

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Archiware P5

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Trusted by Media Professionals Around the World

  • Camera & drone owners
  • Video editors
  • VFX artists
  • Cinematographers
  • Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Film producers
  • Youtubers
  • Digital & social marketing

Customer Success Stories

Customer Story

Simon Ubsdell — making trailers with the aid of Kyno

For more than two decades Simon Ubsdell has been one of the premier editors behind trailers and promos for both films and TV. It’s Kyno that helps Ubsdell turn his huge libraries of footage into punchy clips that linger in the memory.

Customer Story

Orlando de Guzman — cinéma - vérité & Kyno

From death squads in Manila to Thailand’s tropical gulag, Ilaya Films’ Orlando de Guzman has documented some truly thought-provoking stories in his cinéma-vérité style. Telling these stories requires masses of footage — footage that Kyno helps to parse.

Customer Story

Matthew Allard on location with Kyno

ACS accredited freelance photographer Matthew Allard has captured more than 250 assignments in nearly 50 locations across the globe. Now, with Kyno in his toolkit, Allard’s on-location shoots are better organised than ever.

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