The get-things-done
approach to video

Kyno speeds up your video workflows by combining the tools required for everyday tasks in one simple user interface.

See it in action

Find out why Kyno earned the trust of editors, cinematographers, journalists, photographers, producers, directors, bloggers, youtubers, social media managers and VFX artists all around the globe.

Easy access to
your videos

Browse your videos directly from your hard drive or SD card and play them with an accurate state-of-the art video player.
Kyno gets rid of pesky project files and import steps and makes it fast & easy to view your content.

Convert & export

Need an editing proxy, image files for your cover art or an H.264 version for playout?
Kyno supports a variety of professional target formats, all in an easy-to-use interface, with a strong focus on batch operations.

Kyno at a glance

  • Browse

    Browse drives or camera media with a media-aware file browser > learn more

  • Search

    Search files as if they were in a media-aware database without having to ingest first > learn more

  • Screen

    Play & quality-check footage in a player designed for video professionals > learn more

  • Convert

    Easily batch-transcode or rewrap from and to many formats > learn more

  • Markers

    Use markers to log, describe or batch-export stills > learn more

  • Subclips

    Export subclips to quickly process or distribute only the content that really matters > learn more

  • Audio & Image Support

    Easy access to the audio & image files you use in your video projects > learn more

  • Excel®¹⁾

    Use markers to annotate and export to Excel®¹⁾ for collaboration > learn more

  • Non-intrusive

    Files remain where they are – you decide how you organize your drives > learn more

  • Integration

    Send files with metadata to Final Cut Pro®²⁾ X, Final Cut Pro®²⁾ 7 or Premiere Pro®³⁾ > learn more

  • Tags & Ratings

    Use tags & ratings to organize your material > learn more

  • Rename

    Batch-rename your media files quickly and flexibly > learn more


Price is for one permanent user license

Personal License

  • Intuitive media management workflows
  • Lightning-fast media view & search
  • Wide industry-standard format support
  • Final Cut Pro® & Premiere Pro® integrations
  • Simple batch transcode functionality
  • Includes 1 year of product updates
  • Full access to the support forums

Enterprise License

Are you a business looking to purchase more than 50 licenses? Get in touch to find out about our enterprise solutions and priority support.

Educational License

Are you an educational institution interested in bulk licensing for your department and students? Get in touch to find out how we can help.

How our customers use Kyno

Customer Story

Kyno — on tour with ChiliCake Films

A specialist in music videos, ChiliCake Films was founded by Daniel Lindner and Thomas Barg in 2011. Based out of Gießen, Germany, the team travel the world, supplying concepts, camera work, visual effects, and animation to artists all around the globe.

Customer Story

Uniting Universities with a little help from Kyno

Teralon Media are all about visual content, working to craft complex stories and engage audiences through the power of images. Boasting an expansive portfolio, the team at Teralon have their fingers in every pie possible; from sport, to education, to travel.

Customer Story

Andy Lesauvage — blurring the line between photos and video

Across his 30-year career, photographer and videographer Andy Lesauvage has done a bit of everything, from fashion shoots to celebrity weddings. Now he’s pushing the boundaries between video and still images, and Kyno is an essential ally for that.

Customer Story

Simon Ubsdell — making trailers with the aid of Kyno

For more than two decades Simon Ubsdell has been one of the premier editors behind trailers and promos for both films and TV. It’s Kyno that helps Ubsdell turn his huge libraries of footage into punchy clips that linger in the memory.

Customer Story

Thomas Schmithausen & Kyno: a documentarian’s best friend

Documentarians must wait for lightning to strike during filming, and the copious shooting in preparation for those moments can leave little time to manage footage. Luckily, Kyno is here to help, as director of photography Thomas Schmithausen reveals.

What users say about Kyno

As a professional that works with a lot of footage on a daily basis, Kyno makes my life so much easier. I love the fast browsing and the simplicity of transcoding for things like framerate adjustments and subclipping. It’s just what I need to deliver files to clients fast.
Daniel Lindner, Chilicake films
Kyno is easy to use, feature rich and makes logging, rating and transcoding your vision a more enjoyable task. It's the first program of its type that works with just about any camera, codec or format.
Matthew Allard, ACS Accredited Freelance DP and Filmmaker

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