Easy & Scalable Remote Video Collaboration With Kyno & Dropbox

Combine Dropbox's industry-leading collaboration platform and file sharing capabilities with easy-to-use, powerful media management provided by Kyno.

With Kyno's award-winning intuitive user interface, editors, producers, directors and other editorial staff can collaborate seamlessly over Dropbox in a wide array of usage scenarios:

  • Quickly and easily transfer small proxy versions of 4K or 8K, high-bitrate content from KYNO to the cloud in Dropbox
  • Collaborate with your teammates on the editorial process with footage selection and logging, even at the subclip level
  • Power proxy-based editing workflows with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer
  • Maintain stock archives of footage, audio recordings and still images in a team sharing all editorial metadata in the cloud via Dropbox

See How It Works

Check out our tutorial video for an example of a collaborative workflow between editor and director with Kyno, Dropbox and Premiere Pro.

Back up SD Cards Securely

Offload camera media to your Dropbox folder securely using a simple process and industry-standard cryptographic checksum verification with Media Hash List support for later verification.

Preview Efficiently

Screen, log and select high-resolution footage on location. Includes support for RAW formats

Organize and Browse

Browse, find and organize footage on your drives, network storage or Dropbox folders using standard PCs or Macs. No server installation required.

Share and Collaborate

Transcode and share files with your team including metadata over Dropbox, essentially making your Dropbox folder your shared storage.

  • Software product of the year 2019.
  • “Kyno is the most full-featured media management system I’ve ever seen.”
    Larry Jordan
  • “Kyno is one of the best media management tools available for individuals, small and large teams alike.”
  • “Kyno is quite possibly the single most useful piece of supplemental software for video post-production and media creation that I’ve ever used.”
    ProVideo Coalition
  • “A really good piece of software that I recommend.”
    Philip Bloom
  • “Kyno organizes all of your footage in an intuitive fashion.”
    No Film School
  • “A Swiss army knife of video handling.”
    RedShark News

Media management as fast and easy as it should be

Available for macOS & Windows.