September 7, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of Kyno!

Kyno is an easy-to-use media management, screening, logging, organisation and transcoding toolset for anyone working with video content and still imagery. It works with a wide variety of industry-standard formats and integrates seamlessly with Premiere Pro® and Final Cut Pro®.

Kyno is designed with creativity in mind. Aimed at filmmakers, production professionals and video enthusiasts, it combines a number of common workflows in a simple interface that eases traditionally frustrating tasks.

Kyno highlights

This new and complete version of Kyno introduces a wealth of features and pipeline enhancements:

  • Easy access to your media: Super-fast searching, filtering and media asset management gives instant access to videos directly from your hard-drive or SD card
  • State-of-the-art technology: Play & quality-check footage in a high-performance player with accurate speed controls, widescreen bars, high-quality playback and more
  • Find content fast: With ingest-free media browsing, media-aware filters, markers, subclips, tags, ratings and more, you get you what you need, fast
  • No-fuss conversion & export: Support for a wide variety of industry-standard target formats, with a strong focus on productivity-enhancing batch operations
  • Up-to-date integrations: Easily fit Kyno into any video workflow: export to Excel® or send files with metadata to Final Cut Pro® X, Final Cut Pro® or Premiere Pro®

New Kyno features

The launch of Kyno also introduces a variety of improvements over the beta version:

  • New format support: Support for F4V video and MKA audio files
  • New presets: Create files in the popular WebM format (VP8 and VP9)
  • Customisable Excel export: Fully configurable export columns, giving users the freedom to tweak almost anything
  • Image Excel exports: Quick export for image files; useful for quickly building out a storyboard
  • Still frame export improvements: Rotate frames while exporting markers from hi-res video, and export from high bit depths without quality loss in high quality PNGs for grading
  • Navigation improvements: New back/forward buttons, the new history function, and a brand new drilldown button

Share metadata across SAN and Cloud

This new and highly anticipated function provides sharing or access to centrally stored metadata such as log notes, ratings and markers, so you can better coordinate your work while maintaining an archive. Kyno also supports moving and copying entire folder structures to help with offloading or backup workflows in production.

Whether you store metadata in a SAN or in cloud environments such as Google Drive, Kyno makes managing your assets easy.

See the release notes for full details

What people are saying:

In my opinion, Kyno is one of the best pieces of filmmaking software on the market. There is nothing else quite like it. Matthew Allard, ACS Accredited Freelance DP and Filmmaker
With Kyno, you don't have to have your desktop full of players for all of your cameras, nor do you need an expensive NLE system. Kyno is ultra-efficient and it works with every codec I've thrown it's way. You really can't ask for more than that. Craig Hansen, Senior Cameraman, Programs, Al Jazeera International
I constantly use Kyno to preview footage and make notes to pass on to my editor — it’s truly a huge aid to my workflow Orlando de Guzman, Producer
Kyno has become an indispensable part of my file management toolkit. From the set to the edit suite we lean on Kyno to help with tasks that previously required multiple programs. If that wasn’t enough, the first-rate support we've received has been a breath of fresh air. Mike Malone, VP of Malone & Co.
Kyno is proving to be a simple yet powerful universal media player for all the different video formats that arrive at our news bureaus. One of the unexpected benefits is that the editorial staff now have a single tool that allows them to carry out logging and transcription tasks within that same application. Michael Cox, Technology & Operations Manager, ABC International News