May 26, 2017

Introducing the Lumix GH5…. and all the ways Kyno supports it

Over the years, Panasonic have built up a loyal fan base among videographers, supplying a wide range of movie-making features to meet any situation.

Now they’ve launched what might be the best 4K camera solution out there – the Lumix GH5.


  • Micro Four Thirds Live MOS sensor, with full 5K readout
  • New Venus Engine – 1.66x faster processing power
  • 4K 10-bit internal recording
  • 3.2-inch vari-angle touchscreen for ease of use
  • 6K still image extraction – records video at a super widescreen 6000×300 to grab 18mp stills.
  • Viewfinder 3,680,000-dot resolution and 0.76x magnification

Despite the GH5’s impressive specs, there are challenges to shooting in a 4K 10-bit codec. Footage will not playback in most editing applications… or at least not very well. To overcome this and realistically work with your clips in post production, each one needs to be transcoded. This is where Kyno can help.

Filmmakers such as Curtis Judd use Kyno to review, log and convert GH5 clips smoothly. You simply batch select the clips in question, then use Kyno’s streamlined interface to re-encode material into a suitable format, such as Apple ProRes.

Furthermore, Kyno allows filmmakers to search files as if they were in a media-aware database, without having to download or ingest first. This means filmmakers are free from transcoding any clips they don’t need.

When working with a camera is as technologically advanced as the GH5, sometimes your editing suite will need a helping hand to match up.

Watch Curtis Judd's GH5 review below: