December 1, 2016

Just released: Kyno 1.1 brings improved productivity in Tagging, Transcoding and FCPX integration

The first update to our initial release of Kyno focuses on improved productivity in important areas such as Tagging, Transcoding and FCPX integration and contains some important fixes for issues that you reported. We can't thank you often enough for your participation in making Kyno better and better.

Mes amis! nous sommes extrêmement heureux d'annoncer la mise à jour de Kyno ainsi que sa traduction en langue française. En démarrant l'application sur un système macOS français, le programme sera afficher dans toute sa splendeur, en français. Enjoy!

Kyno 1.1 features

  • The usability of the tagging UI has seen a few important improvements:
  • Final Cut Pro X integration has been ramped up (in the "Send to - Final Cut Pro X" or "Export - Final Cut Pro XML" dialogs):
  • Improved productivity with batch transcoding, export and rename dialogs:

See the 1.2 release notes