March 1, 2017

Win a free Kyno license with Zacuto!

Zacuto – creators of production-grade filmmaking camera accessories – has launched ‘My Story’, a new competition designed to tell the epic origin story of filmmakers around the globe.

We teamed up with Zacuto to offer three free permanent personal licenses of Kyno as a prize, replete with one year of upgrades!

How to enter? Zacuto wants to hear your origin story in 60 seconds or less. What was your first camera like? Your first project? Who was your inspiration? Judges are looking for an innovative concept, imaginative storytelling, and creative execution!

Tell the team how you became a filmmaker to win a package filled with high-quality filmmaking gear.

First, second and third place all include a FREE copy of Kyno, valued at $159 US.

Enter the Zacuto ‘My Story’ competition for a chance to win Kyno