Product Comparison

Kyno Standard Kyno Premium

General functionality

Lightning-fast media browser
Drilldown to flatten entire folder structures
Quick filtering of content
Advanced filtering
Pro-grade player with frame precision and exact timecodes
Final Cut Pro® integration
Premiere Pro® integration
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve® integration
Avid Media Composer ALE export
Avid Media Composer copy/paste markers
Powerful batch transcode functionality
Powerful batch file naming engine
Batch still frame export
Full access to the support forums


Simple descriptive metadata editing
Batch editing of metadata
Configurable metadata columns in list view
Import/Export Metadata
Excel export for asset lists (clips) and shot lists (markers & subclips)
Reporting feature (total duration, formats used etc.)
Define & batch assign metadata presets
Preassign metadata on removable drives


Unparalleled playback format support incl. H.264, ProRes, XDCAM, DNxHD/DNxHR and many more
4K support
Precise controls & timecode
Set playback frame rate
Apply LUTs
Audio track selection
Image file support
RAW image file support
Audio file support
Canon C300 support incl. spanning
Blackmagic RAW support
Panasonic P2 support
RED RAW R3D support
Avid Op Atom MXF support

Transcoding / Conversion

Transcode to H.264
Transcode to ProRes
Transcode to XDCAM
Transcode to Cineform
Transcode to DNxHD
Transcode to MXF (XDCAM, DNxHD, ProRes)
Rewrap to MOV
Rewrap to MXF
Audio extraction
Transcode audio to WAV, AIFF, M4A, MP3, MP2, PCM
Apply LUTs
Denoise filter
Configurable denoise filter
Sharpen/blur filter
Add noise filter
Frame rate adjustment
Timecode burn-in
Advanced audio channel mapping

Verified Camera Media Backup / Offloading

Verified Backup of camera media to a single destination
Verified Backup of any folder to a single destination
Industry-standard cryptographic checksum verification using xxHash
Creation of Media Hash Lists (MHL) for 3rd party verification
Backup to up to 4 destinations
Configurable hashing algorithm (MD5, SHA1)


Share with incl. metadata
Archive to Archiware P5 Archive incl. metadata

LUT Support

Camera LUTs
Creative LUTs
Sidecar LUTs
Auto-import LUTs from Final Cut Pro®, Premiere Pro® & DaVinci Resolve®
LUT preview in player
Apply LUTs in conversion

Transfer / Delivery To

Upload files to remote destinations
Integrated rewrapping, transcoding & naming
Deliver metadata ahead of the clips
Delivery of FCP7 & FCPX XML metadata
Delivery of Kyno metadata
FTP/SFTP transfers
File system transfers (e.g. network folder)


Configurable shared cache location
Configurable metadata location
  • Software product of the year 2019.
  • “Kyno is the most full-featured media management system I’ve ever seen.”
    Larry Jordan
  • “Kyno is one of the best media management tools available for individuals, small and large teams alike.”
  • “Kyno is quite possibly the single most useful piece of supplemental software for video post-production and media creation that I’ve ever used.”
    ProVideo Coalition
  • “A really good piece of software that I recommend.”
    Philip Bloom
  • “Kyno organizes all of your footage in an intuitive fashion.”
    No Film School
  • “A Swiss army knife of video handling.”
    RedShark News