Download the Kyno version suitable for your license

Minor version For licenses valid until macOS Windows 64-bit
Kyno 1.6 2019-02-25 Download v1.6.2 Download v1.6.1
Kyno 1.5 2018-06-19 Download v1.5.6 Download v1.5.5
Kyno 1.4 2018-01-03 Download v1.4.2 Download v1.4.2
Kyno 1.3 2017-08-02 Download v1.3.2
  • “Kyno is the most full-featured media management system I’ve ever seen.”
    Larry Jordan
  • Software product of the year 2016.
  • “An easy to use interface, that has a lot of power under the hood.”
  • “A really good piece of software that I recommend.”
    Philip Bloom
  • “Kyno organizes all of your footage in an intuitive fashion.”
    No Film School
  • “A Swiss army knife of video handling.”
    RedShark News